Whatsapp: Calling Feature Passable, Facebook Spending Billions On The App, Popular In Yakutsk, And More

The calling feature of WhatsApp for iOS isn’t very good. Yes, it is decent, but it doesn’t come close to the quality that is offered by the VoIP apps when it comes to clarity. Free calling services by various apps are already out and this is a major problem for telecom providers worldwide.

Areas like India, Middle East and Europe, were WhatsApp is extremely popular, the tele companies are being badly hit. The SMS service has been ravaged by the use of messaging apps and now the introduction of free voice and video calling has created a major problem for the telecom service providers.

With several apps coming up with the free calling features, users have started trying out different apps to see, which ones work best. It has been found that Viber’s voice quality is better than that of WhatsApp, while WhatsApp videos load faster than that of Skype.

WhatsApp is slowly rolling out the features. It is still in the beta testing phase and it is likely that there is going to be a huge load on its network with millions of users joining in, but the developers are hopeful that the quality and clarity of the calls will improve with time.

So, how do you call from WhatsApp? The process is very easy. There is a icon on the top of the page showing the chats and the user can find the person they want to call from the list. The other way is to go to a particular person’s profile and click on the phone icon from there. When you call, the WhatsApp call label appears on the top left side of the screen.

WhatsApp was bought by the social network giant, Facebook last year for $19 billion. However, by the looks of it, this was the beginning of its expenses when it came to WhatsApp.