Whatsapp: Calling Feature Passable, Facebook Spending Billions On The App, Popular In Yakutsk, And More

The Wednesday quarterly report of Facebook stated that the stock compensation for the employees of WhatsApp has gone up in 2015. USA today reported that Facebook has said that their first quarter expenses have gone up by 83%, which is double the rate at which their revenue has increased. The revenue was as compared was only 42%.

Facebook’s shares have also dropped 3% and the CFO David Wehner has issued a statement saying that most of it was that of workers who belonged to WhatsApp.

In January, Facebook had issued a statement saying that it will increase its spending in 2015. The revenue is up by 42% from $2.5 billion to $3.54 billion. The company was largely helped by mobile users, but the revenue is still below the expectation of the Wall Street.

We all know WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps today and it is used regularly in our day to day functioning. In a small town in Siberia, called Yakutsk, the internet is WhatsApp. The community consists of roughly 300,000 people and almost every person is a member of various groups on WhatsApp.

Banks, restaurants, real estate and shops, every establishment in the town maintains channels on the app. For the media outlets in the area, WhatsApp acts as a Twitter and posts are shared every second by the members within their groups and contacts.