WeChat: Launches City Services In Select Cities, To Be Introduced In Cars, And More Details

In March, City Services was launched by WeChat in certain cities across China. As the name suggest, it offers different services in the select cities. The users do not need to leave the app to avail information about doctors, book flights, check out restaurant details and even book a cab.

Users in different parts of the world can check out the services that were rolled out under City Services by changing their location to one of the three cities where the service is being tested in its pilot step. The user needs to change the language to Chinese, to see the list of services that are offered within WeChat.

This is indeed a bold move to make WeChat stand apart from the large number of other messaging apps. WeChat has already become a leader when it comes to messaging apps. It is one of the largest apps that are being frequently used on different mobile platforms.

City Services has been launched to make things easier for the users, but it is specifically targeted towards the young generations who wants everything within the tip of their fingers and are not interested in a slew of apps to deal with every small requirement.

City Services is attempt by WeChat to create an all-in-app, where the users can stay in touch with their friends and relatives while doing all their important work. This all-in-app is going to be an essential feature in the future because it is estimated that every 7 out of 10 people all over the world will make use of a smartphone.

With space crunch always a major factor, users prefer having the apps that are useful for them and City Services helps users use WeChat for not only being in touch with people, but also perform a large number of useful work.

Users are expecting more and more services and features and from their smartphones and WeChat has thought ahead and already come up with a service that will reduce the dependency on multiple apps.