Apple iPad Mini 4 Hardware Speculations and Price Rumors, Reports Indicate Slimmest Tablet with A9 Processor, And More

Currently, Apple’s upcoming mega tablet, the Apple iPad Pro has been the major topic of discussion. At the same time, the Apple iPad Mini 4 has started garnering global attention. Presently, both of them are rumor mill’s favorite topic. The latest reports indicate that the Mini 4 will be the slimmest Apple tablet ever to be produced by the Cupertino-based tech giant. According to The Latino Post’s summary report, the Apple iPad Mini 4 will be an upgraded and refreshed version of the Apple iPad Mini 3.

Business Insider reported that when Apple released their Mini 3 Tablet along with the iPad Air 2, a lot of analysts and reviewer were quite critical regarding the device. This is because the Apple iPad Air 2 appeared to be slimmer, faster and much more secure with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor along with the shopping online support guaranteed by Apple Pay.

In the meantime, the Apple iPad Mini 3 came with a fingerprint sensor but the other hardware configurations were quite similar to its predecessor iPad Mini 2. On top of that, the iPad Mini 3 costs around a hundred dollars more than iPad Mini 2. As a result, critics did not go easy on this device and protested against the device being a poor value for money compared to its predecessor.

During the time of Apple iPad Mini 3’s release, there were many worthy offerings from Samsung and other companies with prices lesser than the Apple device. According to the twitter account @OnLeaks, the Apple iPad Mini 4 specifications a microphone hole replacing the lock/mute switch. The speaker grill will feature a single row of large cut outs, similar to the Apple iPad Air 2. It is in contrast to the smaller double row of speaker holes seen in the iPad Mini 3. AT the same time, the Mini 4’s aluminum chassis will be slimmer when compared to the present model, according to The Latin Post.

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  1. If Apple does come out with an iPad mini 4 that is significantly slimmer and lighter, and more powerful, with at least an A8 processor and 2 gigs of RAM, with a better camera and a better screen, less reflective and more vibrant, and Retina like before, I will buy one without a second of hesitation.

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