Dota 2 Turned 3rd-Person by Reddit Modder and Changes We’d like to see in Patch 6.84, More Details!

If you don’t prefer Dota because of its isometric camera view, a new third-person mod should offer a fresh alternative for you.  Modder BMD_ has taken Dota 2 and transformed it into a third-person shooter. This accomplishment was achieved by making use of the same tools and game engine on which Dota 2 is based. Instead of making use of the traditional built-in controls, BMD_ makes use of alterations in Dota 2 mechanics in order to allow third-person mechanics.

The modder informed Reddit that he completely blew away and recreated his own keyboard/mouse control system instead of making use of the in-built controls of Dota. He created his own system of motion that permitted him to do things like strafe, jump and turn with his character at an infinite rate. According to him, no unit orders were used in the game. Neither were any hero abilities or items used. BMD_ further stated that these tools are available to all Dota 2 modders, but the tricky part of configuring the camera which is a bit challenging to get used to.

Keep in mind that the camera controls are quite hacked-in but functional at the same time. In the video, you will notice that each player is given a flying Enigma unit at first which the modder detects and uses as an object to point the camera at. The manual repositioning of the camera cannot be achieved by the current available facilities. The modder said that he needed to lock the camera to the created camera unit and it resulted in some unlucky situations. Dota 2 has amassed a worldwide player base and is a free-to-play title, available on Steam. In this year’s International, many of the highest profile players will gather for the championship.

Meanwhile, there are six changes that players might wish to see with the latest 6.84 patch for Dota 2. Valve is getting ready to make all the necessary arrangements needed on its meta-making machine known as IceFrog. Such arrangements are going on during this year’s run up to The International. According to the enigmatic balance master of Dota 2, after StarLadder’s conclusion at the end of April, the patch 6.84 will be launched to fix some major balance issues.