Warcraft Movie Opens Big in Germany and Russia, Might Not Do Well in The US, Movie Based Merchandise Lineup Launched by Jinx!

His work on the movie began just after his marriage to his wife Rodene. Just before his marriage, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer which forced her to undergo a double mastectomy.

He added that just he was about to finish his work on the movie, his father- David Bowie passed away due to cancer. Renowned Rock Star David Bowie took his last breath in January 2016. Duncan Jones stated- “My film started and ended with cancer.”

Since the movie is receiving a fair amount of criticism, fans are wondering whether it would result in the downfall of Duncan Jones as a director. Rotten Tomatoes has given a 33% rating to the movie. Jones who has two fairly acclaimed movies to his name till date could be affected if Warcraft fails to do well in the US market.

A clothing company by the name of Jinx which is based in San Diego has just launched a brand new line of clothing, apparels, and accessories that are based on Warcraft: The Beginning. Some of the items include T-shirts for both men and women, hats, hoodies, bracelets, key chains, and wallets.

Interested persons can hit the Blizzard Store or head over to Jinx.com to explore and purchase the different products.

Stay tuned for more update on Warcraft Movie.