Season 14 of NCIS Will Begin Production in July, Glasberg Has Signed a Three-Year Extended Deal for NCIS!

With the 13th season of NCIS coming to a wrap, two amazing characters Tony DiNozzio (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) bid farewell after the show’s trend of heart-wrenching season finales. However, business is usual for NCIS as the police procedural will follow through the schedule for their newest season which has been said to debut sometime during July.

The 14th season of NCIS and also the first one without DiNozzio will begin production from July and filming will presumably begin in Santa Clarita, California. Some of the fans will be nostalgic about Weatherly’s departure when they tune into NCIS next time.

However, Gary Glasberg, the NCIS showrunner is all geared up to take on a new 14th season with his veteran cast along with some new additions. Besides season 14, the drama has also been booked up for another Season 15 and reports indicate that CBS is planning to keep the show going for the next two years.

NCIS is excelling at a great level on a global scale. In its 13th season, the show has more than 300 full episodes to its credit according to President of CBS Entertainment, Glenn Geller.

The program has remained the most watched drama on television for the 7th consecutive year. In the 13th season, the show averaged 20.19 million viewers when considering the most recent ratings.

The season 13 finale was Weatherly’s farewell episode and it benchmarked 18.01 million live viewers who watched it on the same day. The show bears testimony to an amazing cast. The exceptional Mark Hammon leads it on and off the screen and in a tactful manner, brings back this crowd pleasing team of heroes to life.

Geller added that Gary Glasberg and his team of writers have crafted amazing stories which feature the trademark NCIS blend of mystery, drama, chance and comedy every week. As a part of a new deal, Glasberg has 3-year contract expansion through which he can keep overseeing NCIS and at the same time, work on NCIS: New Orleans, the spin-off series.

Mark Hammon, the executive producer and lead actor, has also followed suit, signing a two-year overall renewal deal. In the end, viewers will find it really difficult to deal with Weatherly’s absence in NCIS.

Viewers were really coming to terms with the intrepid and enthralling personality of DiNozzio but sadly, he renounced the show and will not return for the upcoming season. Season 13 of NCIS ended after a lot of drama.

It incorporated action, passion, suspense and at the same time, the plot was altered by the front man in order to help out with Weatherly’s exit from the show. Moreover, the season finale titled Family First validated it all.

The episode aired on 17th May and DiNozzio found out that he has a secret daughter with Ziva David, his lover. In this emotional episode, DiNozzio accepted his fatherly duties and decided to abandon his crime-solving instincts.

Keep in mind that the upcoming season will be brilliant in its approach. The first season to be aired after his exit will be an interesting one. Fans are waiting to know about the kind of changes made in the division. It will be broadcasted in July and filming will begin in California’s Santa Clarita.