WWE Rumors Indicate How Various Changes Can Affect NXT, John Cena Is Returning To RAW!

With what WWE plans to do in the near future, WWE NXT will never be the same. NXT is one of those shows that will feature a different look. In case you didn’t know already, WWE will undergo a lot of different changes.

According to official reports, from now on, WWE Smackdown will be aired on Tuesdays, starting from 19th July. There will be a designated roster for competing on the show when Smackdown finally goes live. Smackdown started on a Friday night, 26th August 1999 to be exact. There was a time when WWE pretended as if Smackdown was a live event.

This particular ruse commenced for years. Finally, there were leaks which reported Smackdown results regularly and after that, WWE finally dropped it, after admitting that the show was taped. The roster was split in 2 by WWE in March 2002.

Monday Night Raw featured the most popular superstars while the other half of superstars, specifically the not-too-popular ones, went to Smackdown. It was decided back then that they would work separately for two shows. Each show came with its own championship title, style, and identity. All things worked well besides two exceptions.

It was reported that RAW was more popular while Smackdown was simply pre-recorded. Today, WWE NXT is exactly like how WWE Smackdown was, back in 2002. NXT is considered to be one solid segment in wrestling. NXT has its own group of wrestlers, similar to that of Smackdown. It has its own title and style.

Fans of WWE were thrown into a frenzy with the 8th installment of Extreme Rules PPV live in Newark’s prudential center, located in New Jersey. The event was quite predictable and one out of five WWE titles ended up changing hands. Seth Rollins returned with WWE Extreme Rules after a six-month absence from the ring.

It happened due to an injury when he wrathfully attacked Roman Reigns. It happened after the title was retained by World Heavyweight Champion, after AJ Styles’ challenge was buried during the exhilarating main-card event.

This was another epic Reign-style battle which took place in less than a month. The crowd burst into frantic excitement when Rollins appeared after a failed attempt from Styles to capture the title from Reigns.

In Extreme Rules, we also see Miz retaining his belt by defeating Cesaro, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in the Four Fatal Way Match through underhand tactics.

The Intercontinental Championship was at stake during this event. Rollins’ epic comeback during the Sunday event was a mega boost for WWE. It has been struggling for months due to the absence of star power along with a host of injuries which affected many of the superstars before Wrestlemania 32.

Rollins has been thrown back into the title scene with Reigns but what happens to AJ Styles after two repeated failures in a championship title snatch. It is possible that WWE is plotting new storylines in order to bring in Styles, Reigns, and Rollins into Money in the Bank. It will take place in June and feature John Cena as well.

The next Pay per view event in WWE schedule is Money in the Bank. It will take place on 19th June, Sunday at Nevada’s T-Mobile Arena in Paradise. In the company’s annual brief-case involved show and it will crown the next and currently waiting World Heavyweight Champion. This show is three weeks away so take a look at how it works.

Rollins returned in Extreme Rules and he immediately executed a Pedigree on Roman Reigns, after his successful title defense from AJ Styles. Seth never really lost the title, which further motivated him to be the first in line.