Clash of Clans Gets a Major Update, Friendly Challenge, Troops and Spells Added!

So finally! Supercell has come up with their new update for Clash of Clans.The game has always been satisfying people with their new and exciting updates. Even though gamers don’t like the frequent maintenance breaks, this time it was worth the wait.

Supercell borrowed and added the Friendly Challenge feature to Clash of Clans from Clash Royale, due to its popularity, and just like in Clash Royale, you can attack your clan mates & friends. You will be able to challenge your clan mates whenever you want to, in order to test the base layouts during Preparation Day or for fun.

This feature was introduced for practice, friendly competition and some harmless fun. These friendly challenges don’t cost gold, they don’t consume troops, spells, heroes or traps. So to attack any of your clan mates all you need to do is look for your New Challenge button after you update, which is at the top of your clan chat.

You can choose from any of the six base layouts that you have saved, right from the village layouts to the war bases. All you need to do is text your clan mates saying “Come at me bro, can you defeat my base?” and anyone who wishes to accept your challenge needs to click on the button. They can’t steal any of your resources or trophies, so no worries.

You don’t stand to gain or lose anything in these friendly challenges. However, you get a better idea of your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses by trying to break their defense. So go crazy, see if you can take your mates down!

The latest update also introduces the abilityto watch live challenges and replays. The idea of introducing this feature was to help the clashers practice their attacking skills, experiment with the different troop and spell combinations, and have fun while they are at it.

It is a unique and exciting experience, since there was no practice mode before. We will have to see how this feature changes the war scene now. The clashers will probably be prepared for bases they are going to attack, so it is safe to say that this is going to be a major game-changer. It will be interesting to see how the community responds to it.

Two new spells have been added, one in each of the spell factories. The new Skeleton spell is available at Town Hall 9 and is a dark Elixir spell. They can lure the clan castle troops and detect the Hidden Tesla. It allows you to summon an army of skeletons anywhere on the field. It is available atthe Dark Spell Factory above level 4.

The new Clone spell is available at Town Hall 10. It creates copies of troops that enter the area of effect. Upgrading the Clone spell will spawn more units. The players can brew the Clone spell from Spell Factory level 5 onward. It doesn’t work on Golems and Pekka unless the spell is at the maximum level.

The Friendly Challenge isn’t the only major addition in the latest Clash of Clans update, as several new characters have also been included. Baby Dragons are now available to clashers with Barracks over level 11. All new Miners are now available to players with level 12 Barracks.

This means that the Barracks can now be upgraded by two additional levels, allowing for more troop varieties while looting or during war. It takes eight days to upgrade the Barracks to level 11 and unlock Baby Dragons.