Clash of Clans Gets a Major Update, Friendly Challenge, Troops and Spells Added!

It costs 3 Million Elixir to upgrade the Barracks to level 11, with the Baby Dragons taking up 10 housing spaces each. Each Baby Dragon costs 15,000 Elixir to complete training, and they have 1,200 hit points. Baby Dragons can also be used in conjunction with the normal Dragons.

Supercell had launched a teaser regarding the latest Clash of Clans update a week ago, depicting the changes and the additions that have now been implemented. The update came into effect on May 24 and players were greeted with new units, spells, and some balance changes.

With the upcoming Clash of Clans Update, Supercell has also announced that there will be a One Gem Resource Boost until the changes are permanently in place and the bugs are fixed. Supercell has also released a temporary bug fix, which solves the issue of excessive game notifications.

This is an optional update and the players are free to manually update the game from the Play Store if and when they wish to!

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