Warcraft Movie Opens Big in Germany and Russia, Might Not Do Well in The US, Movie Based Merchandise Lineup Launched by Jinx!

Warcraft Movie is an upcoming American epic fantasy film that is based on the immensely popular Warcraft video game. It has been directed by Duncan Jones. The story of the movie has been penned down by Chris Metzen, Charles Leavitt, and Duncan Jones.

The movie is set to hit the big screen on June 10 in US and some early reviews regarding it have already started doing rounds on the internet. The movie, which is titled- Warcraft: The Beginning is reportedly receiving mixed reactions.

It has come to light that the development of the movie has gone on for a period of around 10 years. Various reports suggest that fans of the Warcraft video game are not happy with the fact that the movie has been directed by Duncan Jones.

Apparently, the storyline is difficult to understand, especially for the people who are new to the world of Warcraft. Some reports are even stating that the movie has racist undertones. However, there has been no official backing behind this claim and it is unlikely that the filmmakers will play around with such a sensitive issue in their movie.

One thing for which the movie is receiving kudos is the CGI. The special effects in the movie are reportedly of quite high quality. The setting for the film is a fictional and fantasy realm called the Azeroth.

The first video game of the Warcraft video games series, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, serveĀ as the base for the movie. The story revolves around three renowned characters of the series- Durotan, Khadgar, and Lothar.

Reports state that the filmmakers have tried to be as true to the video game as possible, only incorporating minor changes where necessary. The invasion of the beautiful and peaceful Azeroth serves as the platform for Warcraft: The Beginning.

Azeroth is inhabited by knights, elves, wizards and many other creatures. As can be understood, the inhabitants of the place are not going to let the orcs run over their home and thus hey decide to stand up and fight against them.

Warcraft: The Beginning has been dubbed as too dense by critics. That being said, numerous fans are quite happy with the movie and it has had the biggest opening in Germany for 2016.

It has also become the second biggest opening in Russia for the ongoing year, second only to Deadpool. It has also become a chart topper across 11 countries.

However, the movie is not expected to carry its success into the US market when it is finally released on June 10. According to some early estimates, Warcraft: The Beginning might only generate $25 million in its opening weekend.

It should be mentioned here that the entire budget of the movie was in the neighborhood of $160 million. Keeping that in mind, a $25 million opening is certainly not up to par. The number of negative reviews that the film has been receiving is reportedly working towards discouraging fans in the US to go and watch the movie.

The weekend will be quite busy as some other big movies are also set to make their debuts on the big screen. The list includes the likes of The Conjuring 2, Now You See Me 2 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows. It is being speculated that The Conjuring 2 will rake in the most opening revenue among all the movies.

However, since the movie is doing great in the international market, it is likely that the movie will be able to rake in enough revenue to equal its $160 million budget.

In other news, Duncan Jones recently came forward with some revelation about the movie. He stated that he began work on the movie back in 2012.