Justice League: Part One Likely to be Featuring Steppenwolf as The Main Villain, Darkseid to be a part of the Movie!

Justice League: Part One is an upcoming superhero film that is based on the DC Comics superhero team Justice League. Charles Roven has become a household name when it comes to producing DC movies.

Some of the DC movies in which Roven was a producer includes the likes of Man of Steel. The Dark Knight trilogy, Suicide Squad, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

He will also be associated with two future DC movies as a producer and these two movies are- Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. However, it has come to light that Roven will not be a producer for the upcoming movie- Justice League: Part One.

He will also not be producing other future DC films- Aquaman and The Flash. At the moment, he is associated with Justice League: Part One in some way, however, he might soon be replaced by Jon Berg.

Alongside, Jon Berg, Geoff Johns will also be producing the movie. Though Roven is still making appearances on the sets of the upcoming movie, Berg too can be seen on site monitoring various aspects of the shooting.

Rumors are that soon Berg will soon be taking over the entire project. In that case, Roven might become an executive producer for the movie. The reason behind this switch up could be due to the fact that the last released DC movie that was produced by Roven- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice failed to garner positive reactions from both fans and critics.

Apparently, DC is aiming to shake things up by throwing in new producers into the mix. It will be interesting to see whether this move benefits them in the long run or not.

Some rumors related to the movie suggest that fans might be witnessing not one but two villains in Justice League: Part One. Some previous rumors suggested that Darkseid is going to be the main villain of the movie.

For the uninitiated, Darkseid is an extremely powerful being who has his origins in the New Gods. He has the capability to shoot Omega Beams from both his hands and eyes. The Omega Beams are so powerful that it can erase anything out of existence. It can inflict a great amount of pain to the likes of Superman too!

Darkseid usually loves to manipulate others to get his dirty jobs done. He has a relative by the name of Steppenwolf. If rumors are to be believed, Steppenwolf could be seen as the main antagonist of the upcoming movie.

Immortality is the main strength of this super villain. He is also in possession of other powers like superhuman strength, endurance, speed and high-speed reflexes. All those powers apart, he is an excellent leader who has the capability to control and lead large armies.

Though Darkseid might not be the main villain of the movie, he will be present in it in some form. Various reports suggest that he will be making an appearance in the movie in a flashback sequence. Apparently, he will be seen trying to invade earth about 30,000 years ago in the movie.

His efforts will be futile though as his invasion would be prevented by humans, the Amazonians, and the Atlanteans. He will be banished from theĀ earth along with his evil forces. However, three Mother Boxes will be left behind by him before he leaves earth.

It is highly likely that Steppenwolf will be after these very Mother Boxes in the movie. As can be seen in Batman v Superman, Silas Stone tries to heal his son Victor by using one of the Boxes. In the process, he turns him into Cyborg. As for the other two boxes, they might be in possession of the Amazonians and the Atlanteans.