Samsung Galaxy S8 Likely to Feature A 4K VR-Aimed Display, Upcoming Galaxy X Rumored to Pack a Foldable Super AMOLED Display!

A VR-ready display was unveiled by Samsung and it could end up in the flagship Samsung phones of future. The new 5.5-inch 4K panel was shown by the company during Display Week in California. It comes with 3840 x 2160 pixels with a little over 800 pixels per inch. Reports indicate that the 4K panel is simply fantastic.

The color and contrast are mesmerizing but for virtual reality, frame rate appeared to be a bit low. However, this is simply a prototype and the final version should solve these issues. Reports indicate that this 4K display could appear in the Galaxy Note 6. It will feature a 5.8inches display and the panel is just 5.5inches across.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the S8 Edge should be a better candidate for this display. There is already a 5.5inch display in the Galaxy S7 Edge, therefore, size is no issue. However, Samsung needs a major spec upgrade since it coasted a bit with the Galaxy S7 this year.

Keep in mind; it is possible that years go by before Samsung releases a 4K smartphone. However, with virtual reality going strong, the S8 might feature a VR-ready display with a mega-high definition. It will allow Samsung to stay ahead of its rivals.

With the success of Galaxy S7, the company will go all-out for the upcoming Galaxy S8. Samsung should definitely try to offer more with the upcoming device.

According to the community, this phone will feature a foldable screen with 4K resolution. With fingerprint scanner now common, the company could replace it with iris scanning technology. The device will definitely feature an upgraded processor.

Right now, we have the Snapdragon 820 as the best one. However, within a few months or a year, it might not be so. RAM will possibly range from 4 to 8GB. The internal storage options could be like 32GB, 64GB or 128GB.

However, the phone will use a much-advanced chip for faster read/write speeds besides increased performance. According to some reports, the upcoming device will come with a 5.2inch display with 4K resolution and it could be foldable as well. The technology was already rumored earlier.

Other reports indicate that Samsung will introduce an AMOLED panel in the Galaxy S8 along with 18megapixel camera with various improvements and 5G network capabilities.

The improvements to the camera could mean the inclusion of dual-pixel technology, a lens with larger aperture size and great picture quality in low-light conditions.

At the same time, the battery is also expected to improve. The Galaxy S8 could feature a full-metal body with IP-68 certification and enhanced audio technology. The device has been rumored to arrive in 2017 September.

From the looks of it, 2017 will be a great year for mobile phones and things will start changing quite rapidly. In terms of form-factors, there haven’t been a lot of changes. Display sizes have increased but so far we have only seen rectangular displays and it’s probably getting boring for some.

However, it seems like Samsung is on the verge of introducing something totally different and reports indicate that we could see a functional and fully flexible phone display.

There is a lot of utility in foldable and flexible phones. They will be more portable, lighter and totally change the way in which people interact with modern day handsets. Engineers have been thinking about it for quite some time now but internal components like batteries and CPUs have just caught up.

Sammobile has a lot of Samsung insiders lurking within and it recently reported that following the massive success of Galaxy S7 handsets, the firm will introduce five different Galaxy models in 2017.