Nicki Minaj-Fergie Collaboration Going Hot, Nicki Delights Fans With a $500 Giveaway and Twerking with an Audience Member!

Back in 2014, it was revealed by Fergie that she and Nicki Minaj might collaborate and it would be released by the end of that year. Now, two years are over and we finally got a taste of Nicki Minaj-Fergie collaboration.

In Friday, during Rock in Rio, in Lisbon, things were set in motion with a minute-long teaser video for Hungry and it actually premiered earlier that day. The, she performed the track You Already Know. It comes with cocky verses which are rather harsh with an old-school vibe and features a sample from 1972 single Think (About It) by Lyn Collins.

You have probably come across it from DJ EZ Rock and Rob Base’s “It takes two”. At the very end of the song, we get Nicki’s contribution, when she asks people to make some noise for her girl Fergie Ferg. The moment is a fleeting one but it was made clear that  we will be hearing a lot more from Fergie, soon enough.

Therefore, you can hope for a much longer collaboration. Right now, Fergie is planning to release the follow-up to The Dutchess, which released back in 2005. People have been awaiting this release for a very long time.

During the Adult Swim upfronts party on Wednesday Night, Nicki Minaj opened up with the hit “Feeling Myself” and by the end of the night; it felt like she had literally started feeling her audience. Nicki got up on the Terminal 5 stage for a little less than an hour.

The event was organized in order to woo ad buyers for the network. She wanted to perform bite-sized versions of her greatest hits. The venue was filled with massive inflatable characters taken from Adult Swim’s programming.

Minaj’s songs included her latest blockbusters like Anaconda, Truffle butter, Only along with various remixed singles where she was featured on. These include Dance by Big Sean and No Type by Rae Sremmurd.

Nicki also performed various other songs like BedRock and Moment 4 Life from 2010. She mentioned that audience members, who could sing along with her older songs, deserve a little additional love. Nicki was very excited about demonstrating that love for her fans, specifically female ones.

She spiced things up by organizing an impromptu dance contest among a few lucky members of the audience. She walked the stage barefoot after taking off her patent heeled boots, while declaring that she was looking for a female who thinks they can back that ass up.

She wanted people to point out if they are standing next to the baddest bitch in the building. Moreover, it’s like that wasn’t enough? She went ahead and declared a cash prize for the audience member who gathered the greatest amount of crowd cheers, with her dancing. She called up girls who hailed from as close as New Jersey to as far as Haiti.

She finally picked a winner and chose to give 500 dollars. On top of that, she celebrated with the lucky fan by twerking on her after having her bend. However, there was one guy who got up on stage to show off his moves but sadly, he faced more snark and enthusiasm.

Although Minaj looked unimpressed, she said a verbal ‘I love you’ while he was leaving the stage. However, she was quick enough to issue a wink for the audience.

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have been involved in a relationship since 2015 and a lot has happened ever since then. They have continued with their relationship, in spite of the naysayers. One of them was about the rift between Meek Mill and Drake.

It all began when Mill declared on social media that he doesn’t want to be compared to Drake since the rapper didn’t write his own lyrics in reality.

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