Samsung Galaxy S8 Likely to Feature A 4K VR-Aimed Display, Upcoming Galaxy X Rumored to Pack a Foldable Super AMOLED Display!

According to latest reports, Samsung will unveil a new device named the Galaxy X and it will utilize the flexible Super AMOLED technology from Samsung. It will feature a true flexible OLED setup in the first foldable smartphone.

The firm already showcased its flexible Super AMOLED technology during the SID 2016 Expo. It is a serious display industry conference which takes place in San Francisco.

From the looks of it, the prototype is already in a really advanced state. The showcased demo unit was a full HD, 386ppi display at 5.7inches. The display was coiled in a roll but an automated arm can unravel it.

While being coiled and uncoiled, the display was still in operation, happily showing videos and pictures. Keep in mind that this is a demo test prototype and not the final product. Therefore, people expecting a 4K display in the upcoming Galaxy X, shouldn’t be disheartened yet.

Samsung recently showcased a different VR aimed tech which the company is calling Bio Blue. This technology will display less harmful blue light. It will be 6% compared to 32% percent, currently available on AMOLED displays.

Stay tuned for more updates on Samsung Galaxy S8!