Justice League: Part One Likely to be Featuring Steppenwolf as The Main Villain, Darkseid to be a part of the Movie!

Some reports are also claiming that Darkseid will make another appearance in the movie, this time during its end. Steppenwolf will be seen invading earth in the movie and the heroes will obviously try to stop him and his forces.

Steppenwolf along with Darkseid might become a deadly combo and it might become a really tough job for our heroes of the Justice League to stop them from destroying earth while trying to acquire the Mother Boxes.

It has come to light that renowned actor J.K. Simmons will be a part of the movie. Since this particular announcement, fans have been speculating as to what role he will be playing in it. the latest reports suggest that he will be portraying the role of Commissioner Gordon in Justice League: Part One.

Another actor that is being rumored to be a part of the movie is Willem Defoe. He will be one of the good guys in Justice League: Part One. However, specific details regarding his character are not available as of yet. That being said, he could be related to Aquaman somehow in the movie.

Zack Snyder is going to be the director of the movie and it is expected to hit the big screen on November 17, 2017.

Stay tuned for more update on Justice League: Part One.