Vivienne Lashes Out at Sasha for Hiding the Truth in The Bold and The Beautiful, Zende and Nicole Reconcile!

Now with Sasha having Zende’s own child, how could Nicole ask him to stay away from it. The Bold and the Beautiful will see Nicole struggling to come to terms with the fact that Sasha will have Zende’s first child and that she will always be around in their life.

Sasha has always been close to Nicole and after seeing how the latter had stood by her when Vivienne had charged her, she will decide to sacrifice her happiness for Nicole’s sake. She treasures Nicole’s friendship and love and doesn’t want her to be unhappy because of her mistakes. She will also realize that Zende loves Nicole and hence will voluntarily step aside.

There is no doubt that Sasha is going to be left devastated in the process, but she realizes that it is for the better. She is going to see it as a way to earn some brownie points when it comes to making up for the Avant family. It might see an improvement in her relationship with Vivienne and Julius.

In the other side of The Bold and the Beautiful, Katie (Heather Tom) is still on the lookout for Dr. Wolin’s murder and she isn’t satisfied with Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) answers regarding the incident.

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