Vivienne Lashes Out at Sasha for Hiding the Truth in The Bold and The Beautiful, Zende and Nicole Reconcile!

Vivienne (Anna Maria Horsford) is going to find out that her husband, Julius (Obba Babatunde) had had an affair from where he has a daughter, Sasha (Felisha Cooper). When Vivienne learns about her husband’s affair she is going to react very harshly. The Bold and the Beautiful will see Vivienne lash out at Sasha.

She will blame Sasha for being completely quiet about the fact that Julius was in fact her father. Vivienne will put the blame on Sasha since she had literally grown up in their house as Nicole’s (Reign Edwards) best friend and had been completely mum about the affair all this while.

Enstarz reported that instead of turning towards her husband and questioning him about the affair, Vivienne will turn towards Sasha and will direct all her vengeance towards the young girl. She will ask Sasha how she couldn’t come out with the reality for all these years. Vivienne would go on to say that Sasha was just like her father, a liar.

It would be Nicole, who would come to stand up for her best friend and half-sister. However, Nicole will not be able to make things any better since her mother will not listen to any reasoning. She will not listen to the fact that Sasha wasn’t at fault here. Vivienne will feel that she has been cheated and hoodwinked by all the people she has ever loved for so many years.

In the coming episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, the viewers are going to see that Vivienne will not be able to come to terms with the fact that Julius had not only cheated on her, but had also hidden a child he had in the process.

The trailer shows Julian asking Vivienne if they can get through this incident, but there are rumors suggesting that Vivienne will not be interested in continuing with the marriage.

She is furious with Julius for continuing to be silent for all these years without sharing anything with his wife and after what he had done, he could still create such a huge issue about Maya (Karla Mosley) being a transgender. Vivienne is going to realize that Julius is no longer the man she had married and will soon take the step to end their marriage.

Reign Edwards, who plays the role of Nicole in The Bold and the Beautiful revealed that this isn’t going to be the big reveal in the series. The viewers will see Nicole deliver a baby and then hand over the little thing to Maya and Rick.

However, the Avant family will soon be faced with another shock when they find out that Sasha is pregnant with Zende’s(Rome Flynn) child. With Nicole giving birth, she and Zende will come closer. The two will realize that they have never stopped loving each other and will decide put their past behind and work things afresh.

However, all the happiness will come crashing down when Sasha announces that she is going to have Zende’s baby. This news will not only affect the relationship between Nicole and Zende, but will also affect her relationship with Sasha.

She had only wrapped her head around the fact that Sasha is her half-sister and now she will be hit with the fact that she had also slept with her boyfriend.

According to Inquisitr, Nicole will realize that she hadn’t asked Zende before she had decided to be the surrogate mother for Maya’s baby. In spite of it all, Zende had decided to be there for her.