Specs and Release Date Rumors Involving the GoPro Hero 5, Will It Feature the Much-Hyped 8K Video Resolution? Let’s See

2016 hasn’t really been kind to GoPro and the struggles sustained by the company could make it change the immediate plans regarding launch of upcoming GoPro devices. This could possibly lead to an earlier than actual debut of the GoPro Hero 5. It was reported by Market Watch recently.

The company is expected to report a loss during the first quarter of 2016. From the looks of it, the company wishes to turn things around as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, analysts are wondering as to how the company wishes to turn things around. According to some of them, releasing the Karma drone will help GoPro gains some of its lost ground.

Releasing the Karma drone should stabilize the earnings of GoPro and at the same time it will be a better way of looking forward. At the same time, the product offering alone is not enough to return the company to its heights of popularity which it enjoyed just some time ago.

GoPro might decide to help itself further by releasing the GoPro Hero 5 along with the Karma drone. People have been highly anticipating the GoPro Hero 5 action camera for quite a long time and releasing it soon will be a welcome to GoPro fans worldwide.

The latest batch of rumors suggests that GoPro Hero 5 will be released sometime around October but at the same time, having to wait that long might not be ideal. At this point, GoPro cannot rely on products alone to win back the lost throne, there needs to be a new way of approach.

Hero 5 is definitely not guaranteed to be a hit. However, it will give the company a chance to reconnect with the customer base that supported them previously.

The company should definitely look into the idea of launching that product as soon as possible if the new camera is completed and deemed ready to go before the end of October. This should be done by the company in order to halt the struggles right away. Further news about the GoPro Hero 5 will be available later this year.

Rumors all over the internet suggest that GoPro is shaping up the company in a proper manner in order to make sure that their upcoming camera to be released is as good as it gets. The current GoPro Hero 4 is also doing quite great in the market and this could be the result of a lack of competition. However, it has been revealed that the company is suffering from a financial drawback since the last few months.

Speculations further indicate that GoPro is considering the Hero 5 to be the most important release ever. With the acquisition of Danny Coster, the company wishes to achieve nothing but success. He is one of Apple’s most prominent members in the designing team.

With his great ideas and designs, Coster has helped Apple become what it is today. As a result, GoPro believes that he will bring his knowledge and expertise in the same manner, to help the company with its future projects.

He has worked for Apple since the early 90s and also played a major role in the development of many important and iconic projects like the original iPhone.

It is a massive plus point for Apple to poach one of Apple’s own designers and this can be viewed as something similar to a statement of intent. It is somewhat surprising that GoPro decided to recruit Coster since there have been tension and overlap between GoPro and Apple in the past.