Better Call Saul Season 3 to Feature Gustavo Fring, Suspense Over His Inclusion, What If There’s a Crossover with GoT? Let’s See

Better Call Saul is one of the most popular series since it has a mind-blowing plot and a clever style of executing it. Based on the original series, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul has gathered more popularity since it is very similar to it.

The people who are being incorporated into the spin-off have been taken directly from Breaking Bad and they have always had a special place in the heart of the viewers.

Better Call Saul 3 is going to bring in Gustavo Fring. The part of him being in Season 3 was supposed to be a hush hush matter, but fans of Breaking Bad, who have watched Better Call Saul very closely since its premiere, have been able to figure out that he is going to be in the upcoming season.

Ecumenical News reported that Peter Gould, the co-creator of Better Call Saul has come to reveal that they had underestimated the fans. They had thought they would keep the prospect of Gustavo Fring open and then reveal it when the time is right, but they hadn’t presumed that the fans will figure the whole thing out before the premiere.

Vince Gilligan, the co-creator has come out to state that while it does affect the way they would have gone with the promotion for Better Call Saul Season 3, they cannot complain about the viewers paying such close attention to the show that they are putting up.

The viewers only make them stand up and make sure that they are better prepared next time and not make any glitches, since the viewers are paying very close attention to what they are doing.

Gilligan has gone ahead to reveal that Gustavo Fring isn’t going to be around in the initial part of Better Call Saul Season 3. He let out this information much to the excitement of the fans.

He said that the character is such that he doesn’t reveal himself easily. This was supposed to be the biggest reveal of the season. Since that couldn’t be maintained, the suspense now will be surrounding when the character is going to make an appearance in Better Call Saul Season 3.

In Better Call Saul, Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) has become one of the most popular characters. The story of the ex-cop is going to help the fans get a clearer idea of the crossover story from Breaking Bad. This is the same story that will bring in the angle of Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito).

While the creators haven’t let out any information yet, the fans could understand that it is imminent, since they know how things pan out in Breaking Bad. Even when Gustavo comes in, he will not have a lot of screen space since it is not in his character to be visible very frequently. He isn’t likely to have a one-on-one meeting with Mike.

Those who have watched Breaking Bad, will be aware of the fact that Gus is a very clever planner. He is skilled and cold-blooded and works with similar people. There are rumors that the note that was revealed at the end of Better Call Saul Season 2 might have been sent by Gus, since he has a habit of using monosyllabic words.