Specs and Release Date Rumors Involving the GoPro Hero 5, Will It Feature the Much-Hyped 8K Video Resolution? Let’s See

There are also reports suggesting that GoPro plans to release a smaller and lighter action camera. If rumors prove to be true, the GoPro Hero 5 will definitely surprise customers. The company will also be working on its first drone device and speculations suggest that Hero 5 will be compatible with it. A rumored feature to be included in Hero 5 is waterproofing technology.

Reports indicate that GoPro is willing to develop an action camera which can survive up to a depth of 60meters. Meanwhile, 8K resolution technology is another interesting feature to be included in the upcoming device.

An official statement regarding the development of Hero 5 is yet to be provided by the company. At the same time, the company hopes that GoPro will soon release a better product once they decide to release the Hero 5.

A lot of people have expressed their interest regarding the use of dual-lens technology in the upcoming GoPro Hero 5.

Meanwhile, CEO Nick Woodman of GoPro said, “GoPro as we have known it today has resonated with our core customer, who wants the solution so badly that they are willing to deal with the inconvenience of manually offloading and accessing and editing their content. But we are self-aware and we’re willing to acknowledge that experience is too difficult for the mass market consumer, today.”

Stay tuned for more updates on GoPro Hero 5!