Vikings Season 4: Two Trailers Tease Death and Betrayal, Story to Focus On Ragnar’s Sons, Bjorn Fights a Bear!

Bjorn is going to start on a journey to prove his worth as a man and Vikings Season 4 is set to fight a bear. Entertainment Weekly has mentioned that Bjorn is going to leave for the wilderness to prove to himself and his family that he is a survivor. A recent photo has revealed that Bjorn is going to leave for Norway during winter.

This showdown between Ludwig’s Bjorn and the bear in the winter landscape was first hinted at the San Diego Comic-Con last year in July. Although the story takes place in Norway, the scenes were shot in Canada. Hirst, while talking about the photos that were released, talks about how the bear that was 9 feet tall made a 6 feet 5 inches Alexander Ludwig look miniscule.

The photos show Bjorn with an axe on his hand, which look completely useless in front of the towering bear. Bjorn is the best successor to the throne. However, Ragnar has opposed many of his ideas and decisions because of lack of understanding and Bjorn is hell-bent on making things and prove his mettle as the future leader of Kattegat.

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