Vikings Season 4: Two Trailers Tease Death and Betrayal, Story to Focus On Ragnar’s Sons, Bjorn Fights a Bear!

History Channel has released two teasers for the upcoming fourth season of Vikings and they all seem to address as impending doom. The first trailer of Vikings Season 4 shows Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) talking about the nature of power, the struggle that one has to go through to enjoy the power and the ultimate death in its very hand.

Those who have an idea about the history of the Vikings will know that Ragnar dies when he is thrown into a snake pit by his enemy King Aella. This event looms large in the first teaser of Vikings Season 4 where there are slithering snakes all around Ragnar.

Ragnar has come back home badly injured from the siege of Paris and there is a chance that he might be bed ridden completely because of his injuries. This isn’t a life that’s meant for the Vikings. Ragnar talks about his chances of entering the walls of Valhalla. A Viking can enter the walls of Valhalla, the holy abode of the Vikings in after life only if he dies in a battle.

With Ragnar injured, there is little or no chance that he can enter the walls of Valhalla. Inquisitr has hinted that this might be a clue to things that might happen in the upcoming season. There might be a chance that Ragnar completely recuperates and fights in a battle, thereby increasing his chance of entering Valhalla.

The second teaser starts off with Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) in a hall where the entire army of Vikings seem to be dining. However, the image cuts to a part where they are all lying down still. This immediately reminds the viewers about Princess Kwenthrith (Amy Bailey) who had dealt with poison in the earlier seasons.

Lagertha has already tasted power when she was left behind to rule over Kattegat and Denmark in the absence of Ragnar. She too talks about power in the latest trailer of Vikings Season 4. She says that the Gods have decided her destiny; either death or Valhalla. This clearly points to the fact that Lagertha will go to battle this season.

Vikings Season 4 is set to be the last season for Travis Fimmel as Ragnar. The popular actor is set to kick-start his Hollywood career with the film Warcraft and hence is bidding adieu to the series. Michael Hirst, the showrunner for Vikings has informed Crossmap had he was always open to the possibility of Vikings without the character of Ragnar. History always informed him that Ragnar has to be replaced by his sons, who were in fact abler and popular than him.

Hirst added that he always had in mind that he will have to create Vikings without Travis Fimmel in it and hence had taken in good looking actors for the role of his sons. They will ensure that the audience doesn’t miss Fimmel’s Ragnar for very long.

With Ragnar set to die in Vikings Season 4, Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig), his first born is expected to take the throne. It was earlier reported that Bjorn will be put on the throne by the people themselves when they replace Ragnar.

Bjorn is very similar to his father and hence the people of Denmark felt that he would be the perfect king for them.

However, the latest report suggests that Bjorn will not have an easy accession to the throne. He will have to fight hard and prove his worth. Neither Ragnar nor Lagertha have made Bjorn feel like an equal. They have always treated him like a kid and he feels that he needs to rise up and prove his worth.