Eva Mendes: Ryan Gosling Has His Eyes Set on Her, Set to Reprise Her Role in the Fast and Furious 8, Eva Longoria Mistaken as Mendes!

Eva Mendes is a lucky woman. While all girls want Ryan Gosling to look at them, he has eyes only for Eva Mendes. The couple recently had a baby girl called Esmeralda and there is rumor that the couple is set to tie the knot very soon.

Ryan Gosling had never been one to go for marriage and settle down with one woman, but it looks like fatherhood has transformed him. The Notebook actor informed that he is lucky to have found his ideal woman in Eva Mendes and is completely smitten by their 16-month old baby girl.

The actor revealed that his family is his biggest investment. He said that he is with the girl that he wants to be with and he doesn’t look for anything beyond Eva Mendes. Her motherhood has made him realize how much he treasures and loves her and he is very lucky to have the two girls in his life and that the best deal for him, for life.

There were rumors that Ryan Gosling and ex Emma Stone were getting too close to each other, while shooting for their new movie La La Land. Things between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield aren’t going well and it was reported that Emma Stone wanted something more from Ryan Gosling.

However, these accusations have all been classified as rumors and Eva Mendes has nothing to fear since we can all see that Ryan Gosling has eyes only for her. Eva Mendez hadn’t very come out to state that she wants Ryan Gosling to settle down with her and ask her hand for marriage, but it looks their relationship did reach a new level with the birth of their girl.

It is rumored that the couple will have a small wedding and are already planning the birth of their second child. The couple have reportedly said that they want to get started with the plan of having a second baby soon after the holiday season so that they can have a baby by the holiday season next year.

Ryan Gosling said that Eva Mendes is a very good mother, but he isn’t sure about how good a father he is. He asked the interviewer to ask his girlfriend about that judgment. He added that he loves spending time with his daughter and it is very important that he devotes his time for her.

Eva Mendes is now focusing on her film career and Latin Post has reported that Mendes is going to be a part of Fast and Furious 8. She had previously been a part of the franchise as Agent Monica Feuntes. She had been a part of 2 Fast 2 Furious and had also been the love interest for Brian O’Conner, played by late Paul Walker.

Eva Mendes is set to reprise her role in the upcoming installment of the successful. The countdown to the end of the franchise is on and there are talks about spin-offs being planned for the successful characters.

Vin Diesel, the producer and actor of Fast and Furious 8 has said that each of the characters in the film have a huge back story. The audience has been with these characters for so long that they know them through and through.

The vast background story for the characters will easily afford stand-alone films with them.

We Got This Covered informed that Vin Diesel and director F. Gary Gray will see which of the characters are most popular in the upcoming installment of the franchise and accordingly they will start working on the spin-off stand-alone films.