Eva Mendes: Ryan Gosling Has His Eyes Set on Her, Set to Reprise Her Role in the Fast and Furious 8, Eva Longoria Mistaken as Mendes!

If Eva Mendes’ Monica Fuentes gets a good reception from the audience, then she might get a stand-alone film soon enough.

Golden Globe Awards this year was an entertaining one. Well of course, Jennifer Lawrence owned the night with her quirky minute with best friend Amy Schumer and then her winning the award and finally asking the reporter to keep his phone away. However, two other actresses who caused a great deal of laughter.

Eva Longoria and America Ferrera, came to present an award and addressed a very important issue in a light and subtle manner. The two have been constantly mistaken to be actors they are not. Eva Longoria said that she is regularly mistaken as Eva Mendes and made it very clear that she is Eva Longoria and not Eva Mendes as might believe.

Similarly, America Ferrera mentioned it clearly that she wasn’t Gina Rodriguez, the protagonist of Jane the Virgin. They also cleared the fact that neither of them were Rosario Dawson.

The actresses identified this issue when they were wrongly identified by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. No actor would want to be mistaken by another and the ladies set the record straight with a dash of humor.

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