Vikings Season 4: Rollo Will Face Bjorn’s Wrath, Aslaug Gains Power, Sibling Rivalry between Ragnar’s Sons!

With Viking Season 4 on its way to the television screen, the Facebook page of the series was a choc-a-block of activities. The fans were asked if they had any questions for Rollo (Clive Standen) after the last season’s betrayal by him.

However, instead of asking him all the questions, many fans took to the page to ask the showrunners when Vikings Season 4 is going to be released. The standard answer to the question was that the Vikings are still in consultation with God and the new season will be out in 2016. There were no specific dates disclosed.

Vikings Season 3 saw Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), the King of Denmark, lead his army to lay siege to Paris. However, the successful siege turned bitter for Ragnar when his brother Rollo decided to betray him and side with the French monarch, King Charles (Lothaire Bluteau).

King Charles offered Rollo land and title as well as the hand of his daughter in marriage. These offers were enough for Rollo to turn his back towards his own family and people in Kattegat and he stayed behind.

Standen spoke to Entertainment Weekly and said that Rollo can’ go back on what he did. His attitude towards Ragnar was bound to change sometime or the other. He has always been in the shadow of his brother, always telling himself that one day he is going to first. Eventually, he has realized that nothing comes easy and if life is offering you something, take it.

Rollo isn’t going to enjoy the fruits of his decision for a very long time. The man has decided to stay back in a country and be with people whose language he doesn’t understand. Rollo is going to realize that what he has done is wrong, but it is going to be too late. He is going to face the consequences of Ragnar’s wrath over his betrayal sooner or later.

According to Zap2it, Ragnar’s betrayal’s revenge is going to be taken by Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig), his first born. Bjorn is even more upset than Ragnar about Rollo’s action and he isn’t going to forgive easily. Bjorn, as we all know, achieves whatever he sets his eyes on and this time it is his decision to kill Rollo for betraying his father.

Alexander Ludwig has come out to state that his character Bjorn is so angry that his wrath can’t be brought down easily. He always makes a decision and sticks to it and this only means that Rollo should start counting his days.

Ragnar is going to have a tough time in Viking Season 4. He faced a massive betrayal by his brother and has been terminally injured in the battle of Paris. Christian Today has reported that after coming back from Paris, Ragnar is also going to face a situation with his queen Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland).