Luke Hemmings: Media Tries To Find Arzaylea’s Real Identity, Secret Behind GPS Coordinates Revealed, And More News

Ashton Irwin seems to have started the trend for the 5 Seconds of Summer band members getting girlfriends. It was Irwin who first came out with the news that he is dating swimsuit model Bryana Holly.

5 Seconds of Summer has previously had a no girlfriend policy between themselves and each of the boys was abiding by it until Ashton Irwin went ahead and turned the rule on its head. Fans were only just thinking whether any of the other boys will be heading the same way when Luke Hemmings decided to take the plunge.

Luke Hemmings, the lead singer and front man of the band has always been a lady’s man, which majority of the 5 Seconds of Summer fans dying for Luke Hemmings. Can you imagine the shock when Luke Hemmings was spotted leaving a nightclub while holding the hand of a mysterious brunette?

Fans of 5 Seconds of Summer and Luke Hemmings are patiently waiting for him to come out with his little secret. Yes, millions of hearts have been broken, but Hemmings’ fans have all turned around and are cheering his new found love.

It was 19th September when Luke Hemmings was spotted leaving The Nice Guy lounge is the posh area of West Hollywood. He was seen coming out of the lounge holding the girl, who tried to cover her face with her hair. The couple was accompanied by Ashton Irwin and his girlfriend Bryana Holly and it clearly looked like a double date.

Immediately there was a rush to find out who this girl was and it was found out that she goes on social media by the name Arzaylea. This clearly isn’t her real name and all the leading dailies are desperately trying to find it.

Arzaylea according to Hollywood Reporter has been spotted on numerous tours of 5 Seconds of Summer and she might just be a friend of Bryana Holly’s because they are usually together.

Arzaylea is quite active on the social media and has even taken to Facebook to comment on the posts about her and Luke Hemmings, while also posting other songs related posts and sharing information about her favourite albums and all.

Luke Hemmings’ mystery girl is also on Instagram and recently took to the photo-sharing app to share a photo of herself in a Luke Hemmings’ t-shirt. Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea have also started following each other on Twitter.

It looks like Arzaylea is singlehandedly given a boost to the sale of 5 Seconds of Summer’s new album. While the rumor of Luke Hemmings dating her might be false, the band surely wouldn’t mind the kind of impact the rumor is having on the sales of albums.

According to Bustle, Arzaylea maintains a large number of social media accounts and is pretty active on all of them. She has a lot of information of herself from the past easily available and it looks like she has met Luke Hemmings and the band only recently.

Kpopstarz states that Arzaylea’s father happens to be the owner of Tunes Headphones and has been a part of the music industry ever since she was eight years old.

This is one of the reasons why she knows so many musicians. Arzaylea has worked as an assistant once, but now she is not doing anything and is just falling back on her trust fund.