Vikings Season 4: Photo from the Set Hints at A Betrayal, New Cast Members Revealed!

Aslaug even goes to the soothsayer to find out if a woman will ever sit on the throne and she is thrilled to find out that the woman will come to power. However, it is not known if it is Aslaug or Lagertha or someone else who sits on the throne of Denmark after Ragnar.

Crossmap reported that Vikings Season 4 will see Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) being put to trial for his brutal act of murdering Athelstan. There are speculations that Floki might betray his longtime friend Ragnar to escape the punishment from the trial.

There are betrayals galore in Vikings Season 4. There are chances that Rollo (Clive Standen) will come back to take over Denmark from Ragnar after he lands with the powerful army of Emperor Charles (Lothaire Bluteau).

There are chances that Aslaug might betray Ragnar to secure her and her son’s future because with Bjorn coming to the throne, they will have relegated to the background.

Apart from the betrayal, Vikings Season 4 will also see a time jump. This was revealed by Alexander Ludwig when he shared a photo of his character Bjorn with grey hair and beard. Michael Hirst hasn’t confirmed this directly though he said that the fans of Ragnar will get to see him in the first half of the season.

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