Vikings Season 4: Photo from the Set Hints at A Betrayal, New Cast Members Revealed!

Vikings Season 4 has an impending air of betrayal. The first trailer for the upcoming season has already been given a glimpse of the fact that the King of Denmark, Ragner Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) is going to be betrayed.

The photo that was revealed by showrunner Michael Hirst already carried the scent of a betrayal since it showed the characters of Vikings Season 4 seated in the fashion of the Last Supper.

The image showed Ragnar sitting in the position of Jesus. Those who know the story of Christ’s betrayal and the position of Judas on the table will be able to say who is it that will go ahead and betray the great leader.

This immediately puts into context the fact that Travis Fimmel will not continue as Ragnar after Vikings Season 4 and Hirst had already revealed that this would be Ragnar’s last season.

Michael Hirst had always been very forthcoming about the fact that he will have to continue Vikings Season 4 without the character of Ragnar Lothbrok.

Michael Hirst had informed fans at the Comic-Con that he knew that in history, Ragnar dies very young and hence he had to be prepared that there will be a part where he will have to stop writing about Ragnar and focus on the other characters.

According to Christian Post, Hirst said that the best way he could cope with the fact that Ragnar will not be a part of the series forever is that he started making Ragnar have a lot of sons.

History was there to support him since many of his sons had gone on to become more popular than him. With a large number of sons, Hirst also made sure that the adventure and the excitement never ceased in Vikings.

According to Lawyer Herald, unlike the other seasons, Vikings Season 4 is going to have four extra episodes, increasing the total episodes count to twenty. However, the twenty episodes will not continue at a stretch. Vikings Season 4 will go on a small hiatus in between the tenth and the eleventh episode.

The upcoming season will not only have the original cast reprising their roles, it will also have new faces. Peter Franzen is going to join Vikings Season 4 as King Harold Finehair who is going to be an enemy of Ragnar.

He is a threat to Ragnar since he wants to sit on the throne of Denmark after removing Ragnar from it. Dianne Doan will also be a part of Season 4 and will play the character of Yidu, a slave girl who will captivate Ragnar with her looks and charm.

King Harold Finehair is going to be aided by his younger brother, Halfdan The Black, who will be played by Jasper Paakkonen. The two of them are after the throne of Denmark and will not shy away from the nastiest of tricks to remove Ragnar.

It was initially reported that Ragnar will be succeeded by his son Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig). Now it looks like Bjorn will not have an easy ascent to the throne.

There are going to be others who will also try to sit on the coveted throne. Leaving apart others, he has to fight his own brother Ivar, the Boneless to prove his worth to the throne.

Ivar will be pushed to fight for the throne by his mother Queen Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland); who got a taste of the power of the throne when Ragnar placed her there and headed off to attack Paris.