Married at First Sight Season 3: Couples Decide to be Friendly, Moving in Becomes an Obstacles!

The first impression is a lasting one, but how about marrying someone you have never seen or heard about, after meeting them for the first time? Scary right? This is the exact premise on which Married at First Sight is based on.

The show follows the concept that love can happen if two people who have similar taste and expectations from life are brought together. Married at First Sight is a social experiment and it tries to figure out if marriages and love can be arranged.

There is an expert panel of three specialists who pair participants according to their compatibility levels and they are made to meet on the day of their marriage.

None of the couples in Season 3 started on the right foot and this brought back memories of the second season when all the marriages on Married at First Sight ended in divorce.

The first obstacle of getting married was over and the couples went off to their honeymoon. Where problems did crop up, but the couples worked their way out and decided to become friends and communicate so that they could work out the relationship.

In spite of it all, Neil and Sam were still having a tough time. Sam couldn’t come to term with Neil’s passivity and Neil on his part couldn’t accept Sam questioning his manhood.

Sam has constantly been questioning her pairing with Neil. She said that she prefers someone who is aggressive and takes initiatives rather than being passive and allowing her the scope to take the call. She can’t seem to come to terms with the fact that Neil isn’t someone who is particular about gender roles.

However, the two decided to talk and it looked like they did make a breakthrough when the trailers for the upcoming episode of Married at First Sight Season 3 showed the two of them taking a selfie while spending some quality time up in the mountains.

Vanessa and Tres were seen kissing in the trailer. Vanessa had a lot of fears within her regarding the marriage. Vanessa is shocked to hear that Tres was a playboy prior to being married to her and seems to question Tres’s role in the relationship. She is skeptical about the future and Tres talks to her to remove her fears and pacify her.

Tres nd Vanessa seem to be headed in a good direction since Vanessa seems to be getting over her fears after Tress convinces her that he is very serious about their relationship.

David and Ashley didn’t start off on the right foot either, however, the two promised to become friends so that they can come closer and work out the situation without making things difficult.

Ashley and David were opening up with each other and the main obstacle in front of them was the issue of Ashley’s inhibition about intimacy. The two have reached a place where they are talking and viewers are hopeful that they will be able to work things out.

Christian Post has reported that Married at First Sight Season 3 will show the three couples looking for the new home in the upcoming episode, titled Moving In. This is going to be a huge transition because each of the participants has to start living with a stranger and that as we all know isn’t an easy task at all.

The episode will ask the couples to decide where they would start their new lives and there is going to drama galore. The couples are back from their honeymoons that haven’t been great at all and now they have to face the next obstacle.