Street Fighter V: Characters Presently in Early Development Stages, Capcom Tells Us Why Sagat Isn’t Coming!

The most anticipated fighting game of 2016 is Street Fighter V but some fans will be disappointed to know that Sagat will not be a part of this game. Ever since Street Fighter II, the character has been seen in video games but the Capcom developers have addressed his absence.

One of the main reasons for the absence of Sagat in the game is due to the other characters in the game having a similar fighting style to Sagat, master of the Tiger Claw. Siliconera reports that the Capcom developers wanted a good balance of characters and did not wish to add several more characters for the purpose of creating a big roster.

In Street Fighter IV, Sagat was one of the most powerful characters. In order to make the game fair to the gamers who weren’t fans of this series, this character ended up being nerfed several times. Only time will tell who ends up as the most powerful character in Street Fighter V.

According to Shoryuken, in spite of being a major fan favorite, another character who wouldn’t be in Street Fighter V is Blanka. However, both Blanka and Sagat could be released to the game through downloadable content released in the future.

However, until it is confirmed by the developers, it seems quite doubtful right now. However, it is interesting to note that no one is actually complaining about the absence of Akuma. At the same time, it can be easily speculated that this has something to do with his appearance in Tekken 7.

Tekken veteran Heihachi will be killed by this character, due to a promise made to the assailant’s wife. It will certainly be odd, seeing Akuma as a part of the Tekken roster ad it should definitely introduce a fun encounter.

Official reports suggest that Street Fighter V will be released on 16th February on the PC and PS4 platform but there are no plans for Wii U or an Xbox release till now. A live-action web series called Street Fighter V: Resurrection from Machinima will be released as a live web-action series. This will further explain why Charlie was brought back to life.

Meanwhile, Street Fighter V will release on the first quarter of 2016 and things are looking pretty great for the popular fighting game franchise. For the launch day version of the game, 16 characters have been confirmed so far and DLC characters have been planned as well.

Capcom is yet to reveal the release date for these DLC characters as the makers are still in the development stage. Koichi Sugiyama, the producer of Street Fighter V, revealed some information regarding the upcoming DLC characters for the next installment in the Street Fighter franchise.

He revealed some details about the first set of DLC characters, which include Alex, Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, Juri and Urien. According to Sugiyama, these characters are still in the early stages of development and there isn’t a lot to talk about these characters at the moment. The reports indicate that all DLC characters are currently in the conceptual stage.

Reports indicate that Capcom has some rough concepts in store regarding the moves lists, character designs and more. Therefore, the work is actually in the early stage. Woshige, a Street Fighter development team member, revealed that he already has a few ideas involving these characters.

Therefore, more information could be released by Capcom regarding the DLC characters. According to Cinema Blend, the DLC characters could be revealed one at a time by Capcom, instead of all in one batch. On a more specific note, the fighters should be added every two months in a specific order of their release.