Married at First Sight Season 3: Couples Decide to be Friendly, Moving in Becomes an Obstacles!

The couple that is going to have the worst time is Tres and Vanessa since they don’t seem to be reaching a middle ground. The two can’t seem to figure out how to stay in touch with the life they had prior to the marriage if they have to shift and change homes.

According to Christian Today, Tres and Vanessa aren’t the only ones having a huge problem. Neil and Sam are still in a bad state and aren’t being able to reach a consensus on any situation. Sam seems to be repulsed with the fact that she has to move in with Neil in his house.

Ashley and David decided to be vocal about their feelings so that they could work their way through Ashley’s intimacy issues. Things are tested between them when Ashley hates David’s house. When David asks his wife what she thinks about his apartment, Ashley keeps quiet instead of talking about her exact feelings.

This might start creating problems between them since Ashley isn’t comfortable enough to speak her mind out in front of David and will create more problems with her intimacy issues.

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