Vikings Season 3: Vikings Attack Paris, Ragnar Likely to Get Killed, And More

In an interview with Yahoo TV, Katheryn Winnick who plays the role of the shieldmaiden Lagertha revealed that this season will also see one of the favourite characters dying. She said that they have lost a lot of characters in the previous season, but the toll is going to rise in Vikings Season 3. A lot of important and favourite characters will be killed. She said that the mood in the set is one of mourning but promises the fans a great action-filled season.

Created by Michael Hirst, Vikings is the story of legendary Ragnar Lodbrok the great Viking ruler. In the legends, Ragnar is killed by being thrown into a snake pit by his enemy King Ælla of Northumbria.

There are reports that Ragnar will be killed off this season in finale titled The Dead. Viewers have always thought Ragnar to be more than a mortal and when he says that he is a dying man it had taken everyone by surprise.

He plans to die and unite with his Christian friend Athelstan. The French Archbishop thinks that he will go to Hell, but Ragnar in his inimitable style said that it was not his decision to make.