Doctor Who Season 9: Will Be Darker Than Ever, Maisie Williams Joins In, And More

Right before Doctor Who Season 9 is set to release there is an exclusive report from The Mirror that claims that this season is going to be darker than all times. In spite of showrunner Steven Moffat saying that that he had made it lighter this time around, it looks like things don’t seem to have gone that way!

The Mirror claims that it has exclusive details about Doctor Who Season 9 that contains dark things, darker than any other previous season of the BBC series. The fact that these are still rumours and BBC has not made an official announcement, and we still can’t help but wonder what’s in store in Season 9 of Doctor Who.

Season 9 will start with Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord trying to decide whether or not to murder a child. The line is taken from a Doctor Who episode that was aired 40 years ago where Tom Baker’s Doctor Who muttered the lines in Genesis of Dalek. He tries to figure what is the right thing to do if one knows that a particular child is going to be a very evil person when he grows up.

Capaldi is forced to think in these lines when he comes face to face with his nemesis Davros, who had created the Daleks. Davros, played by Julian Bleach was first seen in 2009 when he fought with David Tennants’s Doctor Who. This time round he is back in Skaro, the Dalek planet and is keeping the Tim Lord captive as he tries to stop the evil machines from dying out.

Doctor Who has been a television phenomenon for a very long time. There haven’t been many talks about a film adaption of Doctor Who until an email leak occurred. The Sony hack had revealed an email that contained information about a supposed movie version of Doctor Who.