Mia Khalifa: Amazon Wishlist is a Major Hit, Loves Lacrosse!

Mia Khalifa, the most searched porn star on the internet is doing what we all love to do- updating her wish list on Amazon! She recently said that Amazon was asking her to update her wish list, and she had sat down and worked on this tedious thing. Mia then made her wish list public, and it instantly became an instant hit in the social media.

You would expect that an adult film star like her would have perfumes, clothes and accessories on her list, but one got a pleasant surprise when they saw that most of the things were lacrosse equipments! According to Master Herald, some of the items included in her list are pretty expensive and include- an EZGoal Lacrosse Folding and Tilting Rebounder, Assorted Color NCAA NFHS Lacrosse Balls and Brine Women’s Lacrosse Classic Stickbag. The merchandise is estimated to cost around 600$

Yes, that’s correct, the famous porn star, is supposedly in love with the game of lacrosse. She not only loves the sport, but practices it regularly. According to her social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram, she has been professing her love for lacrosse for quite a few months now.

Mia had updated a photo of herself on social media, wearing a sleeveless Crabcakes and Lacrosse net t-shirt. She has said that lacrosse players are her “weakness”, and some claim that the wish list is a way to get connected with some of the male players. Mia is a huge fan of the Florida State Seminoles football team and is using her powerful media presence to recruit an Ohio State quarterback and get him transferred to Florida State.

Just like other adult film stars and webcam actresses, Mia Khalifa, doesn’t intent to purchase the things on her wishlist on her own. She would rather have her fans gift them to her. Khalifa even included a tag with the photo she shared saying that she wants her fans to add a social media handle or an email id so she can thank those who send her the gifts personally.