Mia Khalifa: Amazon Wishlist is a Major Hit, Loves Lacrosse!

Mia has had her share of controversies. The 21-year-old has constantly come under scrutiny given her Lebanese background. She has repeatedly said that she is not a Muslim, having married an American when she was only 18 years of age. She currently resides in Miami, Florida.

Mia’s provocative career choice has brought in a lot of negative responses. She has even received death threats for filming many of her adult videos. The majority of the viewers from the 1.5 million views that she gets are from Lebanon and Arab countries like Jordan and Syria.

Mia skirted controversies with her video she worked on with the Bang Bros. It showed her wearing a hijab, and this raised a major hue and cry! She had tried to clarify her stand in several interviews saying that the video was done as a satire, and it should be taken as that. She didn’t want to hurt the sentiments of anyone.

Mia has gone on report to state that her parents had stopped talking to her when she decided her career choice and said that the place she hails from, which she once thought was very modern, is in reality oppressive and archaic.