Doctor Who Season 9: Will Be Darker Than Ever, Maisie Williams Joins In, And More

The email said that there was a meeting between Sony and BBC about a movie deal, but it fell off because the executive producers of the show were not very open about it. The show wasn’t doing very good, with TRP falling because of violence and the dark plot-line, and the producers were not open to risk a big film venture.

Fans are glad about the stand that Steven Moffat and his team had taken. They feel that while a film version of Doctor Who would surely be a great watch for special effects and action, the film will surely draw in a huge business, but at the cost of the TV format of the show.

For over 40 years, the show has been coming on TV and fans believe that a film would spoil the charm of Doctor Who. The fans believe that the Doctor Who series is a huge success anyway and doesn’t need a film to mark its success.

BBC has announced that British actress Maisie Williams, who is well known for her role as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, is set to join Doctor Who Season 9. Moffat has not revealed her character but has said that she will challenge the Doctor in numerous ways. Maisie is elated to be a part of the show.

Doctor Who Season 9 is set to return in fall this year.