Stassi Schroeder Departing From Vanderpump Rules, Jax Taylor Possibly Confirmed For Fourth Season, More Details

The latest developments on Vanderpump Rules have been a bit dramatic in nature. Thankfully, given the overall nature of the show, this is to be expected. Recently, we got news that Stassi Schroeder will be departing from the show and won’t be available in future episodes. However, it’s still unsure whether she will be participating in any of the remaining episodes of Vanderpump Rules Season 4.

Schroeder did not reveal any reasons for her decision of being absent. Nevertheless, inside sources indicate that she simply had enough of her work on the show and decided to finally move on. In the meantime, Lisa Vanderpump has made some negative remarks involving the actress. According to her, she was initially deceived by her behavior and didn’t recognize the kind of person Schroeder was.

According to her, Schroeder brought with her an aura of ‘nastiness and arrogance” that she did not notice before but presently she is quite glad to hear about the departure. Amidst all this negativity, Lisa’s post did have some positive aspects. She thought better of the actress and noticed a strong-willed woman. However, she has had too much of an issue running away from the past, which Vanderpump is not at all fond of.

After the second season of Vanderpump Rules had concluded, Schroeder decided to take off on her and made some drastic alterations in her life at that moment. She not only quite her position in the show but also moved  a long distance away while leaving her position at the SUR Lounge as well. Meanwhile, she had been growing more distant towards the rest of the cast. It led to a growing sense of tension between her and the other group members.

However, in the end, it hasn’t been official yet since Schroeder didn’t confirm her departure yet. However, looking at the current state of things in the show, her life, and the cast, we should be expecting a confirmation soon. Meanwhile, what does Stassi Schroeder wish to try after Vanderpump Rules?