Old Dungeons to Be Made Relevant With Upcoming World of Warcraft Patch 6.2, Garrison Shipyards Made Accessible!

There’s a saying that you can never go home again. However, they don’t mention whether or not you can return to the dungeons! Well, good for you (or not!), Blizzard sure hopes you can and will try to entice you back with the latest upcoming 6.2 patch for World of Warcraft. It will add a new event type known as Timewalking.  According to Blizzard, in Patch 6.2, the developers have added seven different weekend events, which will run from Noon Friday through Noon Monday every week.

Furthermore, you will be able to select randomly an old-school dungeon with a new form of heroic difficulty. When you are doing the timewalk, the character’s gear and power will be scaled down. Blizzard further states that for the first time in years, some dungeons that you have outgrown long ago will again put your skills to the test.

In the end, there would’ve been no point in any of this if the loot weren’t scaled up simultaneously. King Ymiron’s Red Sword of Courage has been used as an example by Blizzard. It was obtained by completing Utgarde Pinnacle, and it will scale up to an item level that is appropriate for use at your level. The Timewalk events from Level 71 for the Burning Crusade dungeons and Wrath of the Lich King dungeons, it will be level 81.

The ‘Warlords of Draenor” Patch 6.2, gives the player access to garrison shipyards along with ocean-faring war vessels. World of Warcraft fans will be able to embark on naval missions that make use of ships built in their shipyards with the final release of Patch 6.2. It is currently available on Public test realms for the purpose of beta testing. The patch will give players a chance to start expeditions into Draenor’s level 100 Tanaan Jungle in order to defeat the Iron Horde.