Video Vignettes To Introduce The Villains In Suicide Squad, Anticipation About The Joker, Mobile Game Launched!

Kate Hawley, the costume designer, spoke about how she was inspired by the Instagram accounts of Mexican drug cartels along with the fashion choices of actors like Patti Smith, Courtney Love, and Debbie Harry. Given that she is a hero for the girls, the aim was to make her look and feel sexy, but not in a way that is quintessentially so.

The ultimate costume that they chose to stick with is a mix of the sexy and the grunge. While being sexy, Harley Quinn has an element of badass mixed with an element of rebellion.

The recent trend is for an action film to come out with a game based on the same story, and it is no different for Suicide Squad. The first-person game features locations from the film and has Harley Quinn, El Diablo, and Deadshot. Titled Suicide Squad: Special Ops, the game is fun, with some of the sequences that the fans can already see in the trailers for the film.

The game employs the tap and drag mechanism to move characters and shots are automatically fired when an enemy is in sight. The game is available in both the Apple and Google Play Store.

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