Video Vignettes To Introduce The Villains In Suicide Squad, Anticipation About The Joker, Mobile Game Launched!

The much anticipated super-villain movie, Suicide Squad, is right around the corner. To let the fans of the film get some new insight on the film, Warner Bros. came out to release a series of videos that would help the fans get acquainted with the villains in Suicide Squad. The videos were Instagram vignettes give a glimpse of all the characters from the film so that the fans know them before they catch them on the screen.

Each of the videos introduces the character, shows the audience a glimpse of what they are capable of and ends with an information sheet with their real name, their expertise, and a quirky information. Since Suicide Squad is based on a comic book, the videos also have comic art all over, depicting the noises and the sounds as in a comic book.

Suicide Squad is directed by David Ayer and stars like Jared Leto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, and Viola Davis to name a few. This film is going to see the most notorious villains come together to fight a greater evil force. The suicide squad that the movie deals with consists of the most dangerous villains in the world, who are in a government holding.

U.S intelligence officer Amanda Waller is determined that that the enemy that they need to tackle can be handled only by a secret group of individuals who have nothing to lose. The villains will realize while on the task that they weren’t chosen because of their powers and abilities, but because the whole mission was doomed to failure.

Will this sudden realization get them to work harder so that they can survive it or will they realize that every man is on his own and fight for their survival?

Among all the characters that have been revealed until now, Jared Leto’s Joker is one of the most likely ones. Jared Leto had already created a lot of excitement with his portrayal of one of the most famous villains in the world of DC Comics.

The character of Joker has been immortalized by a slew of talented actors and given that the last depiction of Joker by Heath Ledge still continues to baffle cine-goers; the fans of the Joker are waiting to see what Jared Leto has up his sleeves.

Jared Leto is an exceptional actor, and he has understood the challenges of playing the role of the Joker. David Ayer, himself, has come out to state that Jared Leto wouldn’t come out of the skin of the actor in between shots because it would be difficult to get back to it. In such a situation, Jared Leto would continue behaving like Joker while on his break and would scare the cast and crew.

There hasn’t been much that Warner Bros. has revealed when it comes to the character of the Joker. Unlike the other cast members who have uploaded the video introduction to their character, Jared Leto has kept away from it. This makes the fans hopeful that the Joker is more of a wild card, and the film wants to maintain the anticipation of the viewers running high when they come out to watch the film.

The other character that has captured the mind of the audience is Harley Quinn. Portrayed by Australian actress Margot Robbie, Harley Quinn is a criminal psychiatrist who has gone insane.

She has been given rainbow hair and an attire comprising of skintight hot pants and a baseball bat. According to Maxim, Harley Quinn almost didn’t look like this when the concept art for the character was first created.