Sikander Kher Might Play The Role Of The Villain In Sense8 Season 2, Character Backstories To Be Explored, Lilly Wachowski Takes A Break!

The second season of Sense8 is going to kick off from where the first season had left it. The story of the Sensates is going to continue with each of them living in different parts of the world.

The new season will reveal that apart from communicating with each other mentally, the Sensates are capable of more things. The second season of Sense8 is going to talk about the myriad powers of the Sensates and help the fans find out more about them.

Sikander Kher revealed that he had been asked to be a part of Sense8 Season 2, but since then he hasn’t confirmed anything. According to Gulf News, Sikander Kher was supposed to play an important role an important role, but there haven’t been any updates after that. Kher himself said that while the role he is asked to play is a small one, it plays a significant role in taking the story of Sense8 forward.

Kher was approached by the producers to play a role in Sense8 Season 2, and ever since the news has spread, the fans have been clamoring to find out more about it. There is speculation that Sikander Kher is going to play the role of the main antagonist in Sense8 Season 2. The production team has been very tight-lipped about what the fans can expect from the upcoming season of Sense8.

The second season of Sense8 is going to throw light on the love triangle that had developed between Rajan (Purab Kohli), Kala (Tina Desai) and Wolfgang (Max Remelt). Game N Guide has reported that there is a chance of Kala breaking off her engagement with Rajan since she has realized that she is love with Wolfgang.

However, the only reason Kala had gone ahead with Rajan was for her family, and there is no knowing whether she is going to follow her heart or sacrifice her happiness for the sake of her family.

The second season is also likely to continue with the notion that Whisper is not a good force to reckon with it and is capable of getting the eight Sensates into trouble. The viewers will able to find out if his character remains connected to the Will or not when Sense8 Season 2 returns.

Apart from these, Sense8 Season 2 is going to see the series develop the backstory of each of the characters. One of the characters that the viewers are going to find out more about it Sun Bak (Bae Doona). She is a kickboxer; whose family happens to be her biggest weakness.

Season 1 of Sense8 saw her being wrongly accused of a crime and sent to prison. Season 2 is going to open with Sun Bak going out to search for her brother, Joong-ki Bak, who left her responsible for the murder of their father. The story of Capheus (Aml Ameen) is also going to continue in Season 2 of Sense8.

The production for Season 2 has already started, and they have been traveling all over the world to shoot for the different scenes. According to Christian Times, in the last seven months, the cast and crew of Sense8 Season 2 have traveled across sixteen countries, which include, India, Mexico, Iceland and South Korea.

While their dedication to the project keeps them going, there is some amount of stress that starts to set in because of the different time zones. In spite of it all, the team has thoroughly enjoyed the various cultures that they have witnessed and have soaked it all in.