Blizzard Entertainment Prepares Overwatch DLC Limits Heroes To One Per Match In Competitive Mode, New Character Is Going To Be Pharah’s Mother, Ana!

Overwatch has created quite a buzz. Blizzard Entertainment is not leaving any stones unturned to make sure that the content of their first-person shooter video game is up to the mark. The developers have brought in new features and game modes in Overwatch.

Blizzard Entertainment has also come up with a Competitive Mode, which is the special multiplayer mode for. Since this mode is entirely new, the developers have been taking in player feedback so that they can work on those in the new DLC that they are soon going to come out with.

Blizzard Entertainment has decided to make the Competitive Mode more exciting, but there is a problem that they have noticed in the multi-player shooter game. The new game mode is making the players tack on their heroes since they have realized that if they stack compositions they can mess up the game for the other players.

While this might be something that can be avoided by some players, there are some players of Overwatch who are getting affected because of this and their game is getting hampered. There are several who have stopped playing the Competitive Mode altogether since they want to avoid the hero stacking. Since this doesn’t place Overwatch in good light, Blizzard Entertainment has decided to make some changes in the Competitive Mode.

As reported by Overwatch, the first thing that Blizzard Entertainment has done is to bring in a limit to the hero in the Competitive Mode. Jeff Kaplan, the director of Overwatch, has revealed that the decision to implement the limit had to be initiated since it was making the mode, less entertaining and spoiling it for numerous players. He has mentioned on forums of Overwatch that the limit is going to restrict one hero to each match.

The primary designer for Overwatch, Scott Mercer, has also spoken about the hero limit and has revealed that the new feature is going to be introduced in the new Overwatch DLC that Blizzard Entertainment is going to release soon. This limit on stacking heroes isn’t going to affect the Quick Play mode, but will enable the Competitive Mode to become far more interesting and engaging.

Bringing in new characters always gives the game a new perspective and Blizzard Entertainment is aware of this. The team has been working hard to release a new character and has been teasing the characters for a while now.

The suspense has finally been released, and the developers have revealed that they are going to bring in the character of Ana, who is Pharah’s mother. Ana is one of the founding members of Overwatch and belongs to Egypt’s elite group of snipers.

Ana has featured heavily in most of the arts and videos of Overwatch along with the primary characters, but the players could never suspect that she would be the new character who will be brought in with the Overwatch DLC.

According to University Herald, this was the general sentiment because the players had presumed that Ana was dead since she was completely absent from all the action after the battle which saw her lose one of her eyes.

The story states that Ana has forced herself to come out from exile, where she has confined herself after killing Widomaker. This decision of hers caused many of her teammates to lose their life, and she could never forgive herself. Overwatch is going to see Ana play the role of the secondary heroine, where she will use her Biotic Rifle in combat.