Castiel To Get Back To His Former Glory In Supernatural Season 12, Ackles Takes A Break From Directing!

Misha Collins had been very vocal about wanting Castiel to be taken back to his original glory. There was a time when he was the power that could protect and save Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles).

The finale of Supernatural Season 11 had shocked everyone by bringing in Lady Toni Bevell (Elizabeth Blackmore). She pulled a trigger, and there is speculation that Sam might not be able to escape her bullet.

To Sam, the members of the Men of Letters had banished Castiel to an unknown location, about which no one has any clue. According to Christian Times, Misha Collins had repeatedly said that he wants Castiel to get back to the form he had in Season 4 and 5 of Supernatural.

Collins has been hoping that Castiel will be restored to his former glory soon enough, but that hadn’t been happening for so long. It looks like things are about to change in Supernatural Season 12 since Misha Collins has come out to state that Castiel has finally got his mojo back, and he is excited to see how things unfold in Supernatural Season 12.

There is a lot of anticipation on what is going to happen inSupernatural Season 12 since it is expected to be the final season of Supernatural.There are rumors that Supernatural Season 12 will go back to the roots of the series and the upcoming season is going to have the same tone as the earlier seasons. This explains how Castiel will get back to his powerful self.

Viewers will be happy to know that Supernatural Season 12 is going to feature Baby once again. Baby is the affectionate name given to the black Chevrolet Impala that Dean and Sam drive around in Supernatural. The last time the Impala was seen was in Supernatural Season 11, right before the Winchester brothers feel that the world is coming to an end.

Season 11 saw Baby featured in 80% of the show, and it is likely to be the same on Supernatural Season 12 since Jensen Ackles shared a photo of the set, stating that Baby was back for the upcoming season. While the fans don’t have any information on that, they are happy with the realization that show has started shooting for the new season.

The fans of Supernatural have another reason to cheer. Games N Guide reported that the brothers have good news for the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. In a Facebook post, Jared Padalecki revealed that the Winchester Brothers are going to be on the cover of the TV Guide Magazine’s San Diego Comic-Con issue. Apart from having the popular brothers on the front cover, the issue is going to reveal numerous scoops on the upcoming shows.

With Padalecki coming out with exciting news for the fans, Jensen Ackles decided to step in as well. He shared a bearded photo of himself, and this has given rise to rumors that it is the first look at Dean Winchester’s new look for Supernatural Season 12.

Supernatural Season 11 brought back Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith), Dean and Sam’s mother and it is given that Supernatural Season 12 is going to focus heavily on her and her relationship with her sons. Since Lady Antonia Bevell and the Men of Letters were introduced in the finale of Season 11, Season 12 is going to explore more of this.