Castiel To Get Back To His Former Glory In Supernatural Season 12, Ackles Takes A Break From Directing!

According to Parent Herald, Jensen Ackles will not be sitting in the director’s chair for Supernatural Season 12. He had decided to direct one episode for every season but looks like he wants to focus only on acting for the upcoming season. Ackles revealed to TV Line that he wants to take things easy for the upcoming season and wants to pace himself this year and hence is taking a break from directing.

Jared Padalecki while talking about what the fans can expect in Season 12 od Supernatural, revealed that he would want the relationship with Sam and Castiel to be explored in some detail.

Padalecki said that there are numerous scenes between Sam and Dean in each season. For a change he wants the audience to understand the relationship that Sam shares with Castiel and vice versa.

The fans have been dying to know what’s in store in Season 12, but the actors themselves hadn’t had much information. However, it looks like San Diego Comic-Con is going to be a major event for the fans of Supernatural. The shooting for Supernatural Season 12 would already have begun by that time, and the actors would be well aware of the storylines.

Knowing how badly the fans are waiting, the actors are likely to come out and share scoops and teasers from Supernatural Season 12.

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