Blizzard Entertainment Prepares Overwatch DLC Limits Heroes To One Per Match In Competitive Mode, New Character Is Going To Be Pharah’s Mother, Ana!

Blizzard Entertainment has reported that Ana’s rifle is going to have darts that will help heal her allies and cause massive damage to her enemies. The character of Ana will also carry Biotic Grenade, which functions like a grenade, but in a small AoE.

This grenade also heals her allies but blocks the healing process of her enemies. It also comes with a sleeping dart that puts the enemy to sleep for a short time.

The Overwatch DLC is going to give Ana the ultimate skill of a Nano Boost that gives a speed boost to her allies and a stronger defense and attack to tackle the enemies. This wouldn’t be the first time that the players are going to hear about Ana since she had been mentioned before by her daughter Pharah.

Given her backstory and her skills, she is going to be an exciting character to be introduced in Overwatch DLC. Blizzard Entertainment has also released a trailer with Ana’s backstory.

The players of Overwatch already have 21 heroes to play with and with Ana included in the list, they are going to be spoilt for choice. There are different locations in the game, some of which include the King’s Row in London and the Temple of Anubis.

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