Valve Expected to Release Portal 3 and Half-Life 3 as a Single Game, Logo of Latter Was Discovered in Steam, And More

Portal 3

Last year, game developer Valve Corporation announced that it has started working on the development of ‘Half-Life 3”. The third part of one of the most-wanted and most-hyped first person shooter series in gaming history. However, since then, nothing has been further heard from the developers. As a result, this has prompted gamers to speculate on what is keeping Valve from releasing this title.

Gamers sincerely hope that Valve will finally decide to start/complete the development of Half-Life 3 and make it available for retail markets. However, Youth Health Mag cited that according to an astute gamer, the only reason why Valve has refrained developing Half-Life 3 is because they are working on the development of Portal 3.

There are more reports that suggest Valve might not release these two games separately but instead combine them and release a single title. A Reddit user named Inexort posted this theory of a Half-Life 3/Portal 3 combination. Inexort further explained the link between Portal and Half-Life as both of these games share the same universe.

He declared that Aperture Science is a rival concept to Black Mesa. In Half-Life 2: Episode 2, players met Borealis for the first time and Borealis was featured on Portal 2.  Both Portal 1 and Portal 2 were released after Half-Life 2 while Episode 2 was launched at the same time as Portal 1 and this introduced the Borealis.


According to the initial gameplay information on Half-Life 3, Gordon Freeman needs to establish a closer link with Aperture Science, so as to get to Borealis. As a result, he might be forced to make use of the Aperture Science Technique.

According to Inexort, there might be a final point where the player receives a portal gun. This will be in order to trigger the integration of Portal Game Mechanics in Half-Life 3. When Half-Life 3 was confirmed, Gabe Newell explained that they would start developing the sequel if the developers agree on it.

Newell further stated that the only reason they would go back to develop a classic title like Half-Life is if most of the Valve employees wish to do it and have a solid reason to back it up. In the meantime, there were certain facts that the developers were made aware of, while releasing Portal 2 and there were certain bad choices made.

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  1. This game should be vr friendly! It needs to be but so does a remake of portal 1 and 2 to be vr to, to make it feel more than you just watchiong a computer/tv screen but feeling like your actually there.

  2. I agree, I’m wondering where the portal 3 teaser trailer was developed. After seeing it I would have thought that it would be coming out as a game of it’s own. I guess combining them would be better than nothing. Unless you play as someone other than Chel, there would have to be a reason for her to go back. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

  3. They probably already have a beta being tested. We won’t see it until the Steam Consoles hit the Market this November.

  4. Maybe you should have an option of male or female. But not have the female be Chell. That would be strange…

  5. I really wish that portal 3 would be made and released. Considering the fact its my favorite puzzle game ever

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