Use an Online Tool to Create Dark Souls 3 Characters Ahead of Time, Hardest Boss Killed with a Single Hit by a Gamer, And More!

There are tons of unique secrets, battles, classes and scenarios in Dark Souls 3 that people like to experience. One of the most annoying ways to die in Dark Souls 3 is to be blindsided by a boulder of damn bones!

You were probably fighting a really tough henchman and with little health left, you finally manage to defeat him but in the end, just as you are emerging victorious with a wry smile on your face, you get hit by a rolling boulder of bones and bam! You are dead.

The Devourer of Gods, Aldrich is a pretty badass boss to beat in Dark Souls 3.

He has homing arrows that can track you and even kill you behind cover. After you defeat Aldrich, dying by these arrows would be a shameful way to go. Now while single tough bosses are difficult to beat, you can easily die from multiple attacks executed on you from smaller, less devastating enemies. What can you possibly do to save yourself from that? The worst part is it feels like they are getting a good laugh out of it. Check out all the shocking ways to die!

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