Use an Online Tool to Create Dark Souls 3 Characters Ahead of Time, Hardest Boss Killed with a Single Hit by a Gamer, And More!

The Dark Souls players who have been using Mugenmonkey’s online stats tool should be happy to know that the tool has been updated for Dark Souls 3. Using your online tool, you can create your Dark Souls 3 character ahead of time. People who are unfamiliar with it should know that the tool helps you plan out your Dark Souls character, ahead of time.

It will come in handy since there are many stats to consider when you are crafting your lean and mean killing machine. It was originally built by a Dark Souls fan nemesis monkey, back in 2012. Dark Souls fan Naiyt took over it and the tool was further expanded in order to include Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 3 and Demon’s Souls.

Naiyt spoke to Kotaku and revealed that there are 150 to 200 characters from Dark Souls 3 which were created using the daily tool. 100 per day were created in the original game. You should know that it is very popular and you can visit the site and try it if you haven’t before or in case you are interested in a particular character build.

Meanwhile, the bosses in Dark Souls are quite difficult to defeat unless you can take them out in one shot. This is exactly what one player managed to do and the whole thing was further captured on video.

Know that there are rough spoilers ahead so better read at your own risk. A video was posted to YouTube by user neptunusequester and it came with little more than just a title regarding what it was going to show the viewers.

It is called the IHKO Challenge and features the hardest boss in the game, Pontiff Sulyvahn being defeated by a single blow. Insert One Punch Man joke somewhere.

The only commentary you can hear from the player’s end is “Where is your second phase now, bitch?!” Well come on man, you already killed the dude with a single smack, at least spare him further humiliation. You will notice in the video that neptunusequester entered the game with some good old swagger but it doesn’t end with the post-fight taunting.

He simply wore a pair of trousers and entered the game, along with a massive cleaver and the tiniest shield. He goes headfast into a showdown with Pontiff Sulyvahn after spawning at the bonfire. With the help of some spells and buffs, he heads into the church, all berserk and charged up.

Moreover, at the start of the fight, you can clearly notice that his health is almost empty. With a carefully placed parry, Pontiff goes down! The victory seems quite easy since the player obviously had a lot of buffs and stats working in their favor.

Now, a lot of you readers are already waiting to boot up your game and walk through this boss just as easy. Keep in mind that the guy did everything possible to make it work in his favor.

Although no information has been given on the buffs and stats, the latest theory suggests that this is not even possible until the player has gone through New Game Plus and only after that he can collect certain spells and items.

Players have been managing similar feats for quite some time now; therefore, this kind of a dedication to a Dark Souls game isn’t surprising at all.

Meanwhile, there are many odd and intriguing ways in which a person can die in Dark Souls 3. A game from From Software is similar to a gruesomely wrapped Christmas package. You have probably experienced them before and they are getting pretty hard to deal with. At the same time, it is very difficult to resist.