Jenna Coming Back in Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Actress Tease Emily-Alison Angle with an Instagram Post!

Ever since Pretty Little Liars wrapped up their sixth season in March, fans have been trying to find out when the seventh season is going to be back on Freeform. The fans didn’t have to wait much long since Freeform came out with the official release date. Pretty Little Liars Season 7 is going to be releasing on 21st June and will comprise of the usual 20 episodes.

With the release date of the seventh season being revealed, there is another good news that came the way of the fans. TamminSursok, who has played the role of Jenna Marshall on the series, is going to be back. Sursok has been away for a long time from Pretty Little Liars, but the actress herself announced that she would be returning to Rosewood in the coming season.

Season 6 of the Pretty Little Liars showed the viewers how much the girls have changed since graduating from high school. A whole lot of things had changed in the previous season and the Liars have found themselves to be the prime suspects in the death of Charlotte (Vanessa Ray).

Now with Jenna coming back, things are likely to heat up. Tammin Sursok has already hinted at the fact that her character is going to make things difficult for the rest of the gang. When the viewers had last seen Jenna, she was cowering in fear as Alison (Sasha Pieterse) was approaching her. Jenna had lost her sight in the early part of the series, but had regained her sight.

However, with Tammin Sursok sharing a photo of a dark pair of wayfarers, there are some speculation that maybe Jenna is losing her eye sight once more. There was some mention of her going blind in Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars, but there was no confirmation on that.

With her arrival in Season 7, fans will be able to find out what had happened to her. The viewers of the series still do not know why Jenna had suddenly disappeared and there is some hope of the mystery being cleared in the upcoming season.

With Sursok asking the viewers of the series to be afraid of her, there are rumors that Jenna is going to be one of the most important characters to look out for this season. The Liars have been aware of the Jenna thing and it is likely that they are going to find out more of her and it is likely to be not very pleasant.

Jenna has always been an outsider, with the Liars never quite knowing whether to trust her or to be afraid of her. She had met Sydney (Chloe Bridges) while they were attending the school for the visually impaired in Philadelphia.

The two of them became a part of the mean girls’ gang of Alison after coming to Rosewood, but she could never connect with the girls and they have always been wary of her.

According to iDigital Times, since the news of Jenna coming on board for Pretty Little Liars Season 7 was released way after the first few episodes of Season 7 had been shot, it is likely that she is going to come into the show in the later episodes.

The series had seen a time jump in Season 6 and the Liars are now all adults with jobs and responsibilities. It will be interesting to see what Jenna had been up to during the time jump.